System Support and
Needs Analysis

Client Liaison


Needs Analysis

Thinking about shopping for a new software application to manage your leases, or perhaps exploring purchasing one for the first time?

Collectively having over 45 years of experience working with CRE software applications, we're happy to help you with this evaluation and serve as a liaison with your software vendor.
RFPs are typically very long and very technical. We can help you with evaluating the responses you receive from software vendors and distill the data to clear-cut decisions points.

Then, based on your specific business requirements, we will recommend the best software solution to meet your needs. We are well-versed in the CRE industry and will propose viable solutions within your business requirements and your budget.
We will work directly with the software vendor as your advocate:
  • Communicating business requirements
  • Managing to a project plan and critical dates
  • Tracking open issues
  • Detailing issue resolutions
  • Proposing efficient testing solutions
  • Achieving acceptable issue resolutions considering your business needs