Our Story
"Arazzo" is Italian for tapestry, where threads of different colors are woven together onto a special type of strong cloth to create a complete picture. We feel this reflects how our team can assist you with your Lease and IWMS system needs.

The colored threads are the various services we offer. You select the "threads" you want and we weave them together to form a strong tapestry of services designed to meet your needs and assist you and your organization where you need us the most.

​No two organizations are the same; no two auditors will interpret the new lease accounting guidelines the same way; no two software vendors will approach support and upgrades the same way.
We've designed our business model to have ultimate flexibility in allowing you to determine where you need our help, allowing us to weave a "tapestry" of services that fits the way your organization does business, complies with your auditor's recommendations, and interacts with your software vendor to ensure timely support and upgrades.

Come visit with us at Arazzo Solutions and let's see what sort of tapestry we can design for you!