Lease Administration and
Budgeting Support

Lease Abstracting​​

Commercial Real Estate leases are typically very complex and if not abstracted properly can result in significant financial and legal consequences. Most leases are many pages long and require CRE expertise to determine what is truly important. Our goal is to help you better understand your lease portfolio and capture the relevant lease data points for effective lease management.

OPEX/CAM Reconciliations

OPEX / CAM reconciliations are time- consuming and often require multiple calculations based on expense caps (annual or cumulative), exclusions, admin fees, prorata share, and occupancy rates. Why not let us handle these reconciliations for you?And if you feel the actual expenses are not correct, we will work with the landlord to perform an audit of their expenses to ensure their calculation is accurate.


No one looks forward to budget season, so let us help you with the full budgeting process. We can manage the bid procure-ment process for you, and we will work with you to understand the requirements of your budgeting process and the level of detail required. We're bean counters at heart and will develop, tweak and provide you with robust spreadsheets that present a comprehensive budget that can be be tied to the lowest level of detail.