Lease Accounting


Effective Dates

How We Can Help

Changes to the FASB / IASB lease accounting guidelines are far reaching and significant. You will likely need help preparing for these changes as soon as possible!

Current employees are expected to absorb the substantial additional work these new guidelines require, creating huge strains on your organization. We can help!
Public Companies (for fiscal years and interim periods):
FASB: December 15, 2018
IASB:  January 1, 2019

All Other Companies (for fiscal years): December 15, 2019

All Other Companies (for interim periods):  December 15, 2020
Our knowledge of the new global lease accounting guidelines (FASB's ASC 842 and IASB's IFRS 16) will navigate you through these critical times. We will work closely with your Finance and Accounting departments and your auditors to determine calculation requirements, which then drive your CRE data requirements. Please click here to view more details on how we can help you implement such significant lease accounting changes.