Arazzo Solutions
Arazzo Solutions is a boutique professional services firm focused on the Commercial/Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry. Our team has a unique combination of expertise in lease administration, lease accounting, project management, and CRE system analysis and support. We bring a powerful competitive advantage, having been on both sides of the fence:

  • We’ve walked in your shoes in the administration and management of large CRE portfolios and faced the many tasks you wrestle with day in and day out.

  • We’ve also been on the technical and software side, helping develop functional requirements and implement systems to manage CRE portfolios. We understand your daily challenges and can help you discover ways to turn those challenges into significant and long-lasting achievements.

We have a strong commitment to putting our clients first and a passion for helping you develop industry-standard best practices and improving links between CRE strategies and your organizational culture, creating a strategic fit that brightly highlights the importance of your CRE team within your organization.
We bring an in-depth understanding of your CRE business processes and comprehensive knowledge of CRE accounting, including the latest FASB and IASB accounting guidelines (FASB ASC 842 and IASB IFRS 16).

We are also here to augment your internal CRE team and act as your advocate to manage software vendors.  Whether you have seasonal demands or need help year-round, we can help you meet your responsibilities and deadlines without the need to hire additional employees.

           Our Core Values:
              H – Honesty, Integrity, Accountability
              E  – Enthusiastic, Energetic, Passionate
              R  – Respectful, Team-Oriented, Professional
              O – Optimistic, Creative, Problem-Solving 

We're here to make our clients look like HEROs!

Lease Accounting

Project Management & Upgrade Support

With expertise in the new lease accounting guidelines (FASB's ASC 842 and IASB's IFRS 16), we bring an in-depth understanding of your CRE business processes and comprehensive knowledge of the new accounting requirements. We can help you define a plan of attack, build a strong cross-departmental team, evaluate software needs, and successfully implement the new accounting guidelines.
Seasoned project management experience in business, accounting, and technology projects, we drive to meet key deadlines and perform benchmark target analysis.

We can help alleviate the pain of CRE system upgrades by assisting you with test scripts, user acceptance testing, and issue tracking.

Lease Administration & Budgeting Support

System Support & Needs Analysis

We can also save you time on key lease administration tasks like lease abstracting, data quality reviews, and OPEX / CAM reconciliations and audits.

No one looks forward to budget season, so let us help you with the full budgeting process, from bids to the final completed budget.
Thinking about shopping for a new CRE software application, or perhaps exploring purchasing one for the first time? We can assist with RFP analysis and provide you with system recommendations.

Collectively having over 45 years of experience working with many CRE software applications, we are happy to assist you with end user training, process documentation, and serving as a liaison with your software vendor.